About Hands On Science


The team behind Hands On Science!

Photos by Sabrina Caron Photography

Hands On Science in Edmonton, Alberta was created in the year 2000 by Birgitte Dam, only then it was known as “Hands On!”. Her vision was to provide curriculum-based, hands-on travelling field trips that would make science in the classroom fun and interesting for elementary students. At the same time, these field trips would alleviate the workload of the teachers and reduce the cost of field trips and bussing for elementary schools in the Edmonton area.

Birgitte believed that quality field trips delivered by superior facilitators would fulfill that vision, and thus our company was created and continues to expand with new field trips. Our facilitators come from very diverse backgrounds, but what they all have in common is feeling a genuine thrill when kids have their ‘a-ha!’ moments of science discovery and understanding.

In 2010, the company name was changed to Hands On Science in order to better reflect what it is that we do. Birgitte retired in April of 2016, and is enjoying her garden, her grandchildren, and travelling. Her daughter Lis now owns Hands On Science; a natural fit since she’s been the Operations Manager since 2008. The Boss Dog you see on the page joined us in 2011, and greatly enjoyed spending time with his team. Sadly, he passed over the Rainbow Bridge in June 2023 and is greatly missed.♥