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  • Our students really enjoy the age appropriate, curriculum based activities. The “Senses” presentation is especially engaging.

    Grade 1 Teacher Overlanders School
  • My students loved this project. Some had never handled a hammer and nails before and were quite proud that they were actually able to do this. They also enjoyed decorating and making it their own.

    Grade 1 Teacher Father Leo Green School
  • As always, I found this program to be fabulous and very organized! The students always talk about it for days following the event.The boats are always a big hit! Thanks again for a great program!

    Ms. B Youngstown School
  • This was a superb experience with lessons and fun for all. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I, myself, had no idea that tinfoil crafts could hold so many pebbles! The follow up activity wrapped the day up nicely and the students loved their boats and took great pride and joy in colouring/waterproofing them. A great fit with curriculum outcomes!

    Grade 2 Teacher Colchester School
  • Everything was excellent! All the kids had a wonderful time and enjoyed every bit. The instructor was fantastic. The only improvement would be more time at each station.

    Mary Le Malcolm Tweddle School
  • My favorite magnet was the one that picked up things through the glass.
    My favorite [sic] magnet was the cow magnet because I like how it attracts the iron [sic] filings.
    My 2 favorite magnets were the ones in shape of an [sic] football and the one that you had to guess what would attract.
    My favorite magnet, is the one with iron filings in a container and if you put a magnet behind it you see the magnets [sic] force field.

    Grade 2 Students Brookside School
  • Excellent workshop with superb hands on materials that are of substantial size with detailed and clear instructions and superb photos/illustrations! I appreciated the high standard of expectations in regards to teamwork, cooperation and the drawings. The logistics of how everyone worked, cleaned up and moved from station to station were explicit. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience for my class!

    Grade 3 Teacher Coronation School
  • Fantastic! Classroom learning became real life understanding of structures.

    Grade 3 Teacher St. James School
  • Great opportunity for students to experience and work with different materials. Awesome to have someone knowledgeable presenting.

    Grade 4 Teacher Muriel Martin School
  • Students were engaged, on-task, & also had fun (properly). I have experienced your programs 2x in past years. I know some activities are challenging. Kudos to [Theresa]!

    Charmain Stewart Northmount School
  • 2 ½ hours is perfect! I like that all children build and take home their own plane! I use this program in mid-June as the students’ review for their upcoming Provincial exam. The major concepts are covered and the students love the hands-on aspect of the program. It is well paced with questions/discussion, experiments, written & oral follow-up, more experiments, etc. This is a great program!

    Grade 6 Teacher Archbishop Joseph MacNeil School
  • Students were very engaged in activities – well done!

    Grade 6 Teacher Muir Lake School