Classroom Chemistry

In-Class Field Trips for Grade Five Students

It’s All About the Chemistry!

classroom-chemistry-1Students will be conducting a variety of chemistry experiments using a combination of household substances. Filtration, evaporation, density, and magnetism are methods of separation that will be explored. Students will also test the pH balance of substances to determine whether they are acidic or basic. Finally, they will discover that by combining certain materials they can create an exciting chemical reaction.

Learner Expectations we aim to cover in this field trip:
Topic C: Classroom Chemistry

  1. GLE 5-7
  2. SLE 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Field Trip Information:

Cost (does not include GST): $248.75 per session.

Number of Adult Helpers Required: 6
The field trip can’t happen without them. Check out our FAQ page for hints on where to find your helpers.

Field Trip Length: 2 hours (we will be working through recess)
Facilitator will arrive approximately ½ hour before start time for set up.

Room Requirements

We must be in a room with a sink with water and at least one accessible electrical outlet.

  • 5 or 6 tables with chairs for the groups to work around (one for each group).
  • plus 1 table for our materials.
  • a chalkboard, whiteboard, or flipchart available in the room.

Other Expectations

  • Please have helpers arrive 15 minutes before start time for briefing.