In-Class Field Trips for Grade Two Students

In an exciting new program, students will rotate through 5 stations learning about light and sound sources, and how light and sound waves behave and interact with different materials. Working in small groups and using the Scientific Method, students will discover how light waves behave (reflection, refraction, transparency, translucency, opaqueness, dispersion) and how sound waves behave (reflection, diffusion, absorption). An exciting medley of experiments to keep students engaged and pondering some of the world’s wonder!

2023 Science Curriculum Links:

Matter:  How can the suitability of materials be determined for specific purposes?
Energy:  Where do light and sound come from, and how do they move?
Scientific Method:  What methods and processes can be used in scientific investigation?

Field Trip Information:

Cost (does not include GST): $248.75

Number of Adult Helpers Required: 5
The field trip can’t happen without them. Check out our FAQ page for hints on where to find your helpers.

Field Trip Length: 1.75 hours (we will be working through recess)
Facilitator will arrive approximately ½ hour before start time for set up.

Room Requirements

  • 5 large tables with chairs for the groups to work around.
  • We must have easy access to electrical outlets.
  • We must be in a room where the light level is adjustable.

Other Expectations

  • Please have helpers arrive 20 minutes before start time for briefing.