In-Class Field Trips for Kindergarten Students

What’s that, and how do I know?


Students will engage in a brief discussion identifying each of the 5 senses and the ways that they help us to understand the world around us.  Students then develop an in-depth awareness of their own senses and how they are used through exploration and discovery at five sensory stations involving touch, taste, sight, smell and sound.

2023 Science Curriculum Links:

Matter:  How can properties of an object be distinguished from one another?
Computer Science:  How can instructions be used?

Field Trip Information:

Cost (does not include GST): $220.50 per session.

Number of Adult Helpers Required: 5
The field trip can’t happen without them. Check out our FAQ page for hints on where to find your helpers.

Field Trip Length: 1.25 – 1.5 hours (we will be working through recess)
Facilitator will arrive approximately ½ hour before start time for set up.

Room Requirements

  • 5 tables with chairs for the groups to work around.

Other Expectations

  • Please have helpers arrive 15 minutes before start time for briefing.
  • Please ensure that all students wash their hands prior to the start of this field trip.

Please be aware that because students will be smelling and tasting a variety of substances, there is the potential for exposure to allergens. Please contact the office with any concerns.