Mechanisms Using Electricity

In-Class Field Trips for Grade Five Students

Let there be lights and buzzers and moving buses!

mechanisms-electricity-3The focus of this program is building circuits using batteries, lights and buzzers.
Working in small groups and using our circuit boards & materials, students will take turns building simple, series, and parallel circuits as well as installing switches and testing for conductivity.

Students will then apply the knowledge learned to construct a burglar alarm and to power a model school bus with motor and lights.

Learner Expectations we aim to cover in this field trip:
Topic B: Mechanisms Using Electricity

  1. GLE 5-6
  2. SLE 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8

Field Trip Information:

Cost (does not include GST): $225.00 per session.

Number of Adult Helpers Required: 1 – this can be the teacher
The field trip can’t happen without them. Check out our FAQ page for hints on where to find your helpers.
Field Trip Length: 2 hours (we will be working through recess)
Facilitator will arrive approximately 20 minutes before start time for set up.

Room Requirements

  • one table for our materials.

Other Expectations

  • Please have helpers arrive 10 minutes before start time for briefing.