Mechanisms Using Electricity

In-Class Field Trips for Grade Five Students

Let there be lights and buzzers and moving buses!

mechanisms-electricity-3The focus of this program is building circuits using batteries, lights and buzzers. Using our circuit boards & materials, students will build simple, series, and parallel circuits as well as installing switches and testing for conductivity.

Students will then apply the knowledge learned to work in small groups to construct a burglar alarm and, if time permits, to power a model school bus with motor and lights.

Learner Expectations we aim to cover in this field trip:
Topic B: Mechanisms Using Electricity

  1. GLE 5-6
  2. SLE 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8

Field Trip Information:

Cost (does not include GST): $243.34 per session.

Number of Adult Helpers Required: 6
The field trip can’t happen without them. Check out our FAQ page for hints on where to find your helpers.

Field Trip Length: 2 hours (we will be working through recess)
Facilitator will arrive approximately 20 minutes before start time for set up.

Room Requirements

  • one table for our materials.

Other Expectations

  • Please have helpers arrive 10 minutes before start time for briefing.
  • Please photocopy the workbook which will be emailed to you when your field trip is confirmed, making one copy for each student.